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A Happy School with focus on ABC

Prepare your children for their brightest future. New Gulf Indian School is pioneering the field of education through our dedication and commitment to our students’ needs. We offer a unique educational experience, designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. We welcome all prospective students for a visit anytime.

CIRCULARS  :  2024-25



Mr. Anoop Kumar


Being a school, we are entrusted with shaping the future of students and we very well understand that these 21st Century Learners are multi talented.
Being educators we need to explore their hidden potential and make them skillful.

We can call it the ABC of life....
A - academics
B - behaviour
C - character
Our school processes, our curriculum, everything that we do in school, must ensure that our students should excel in academics, display excellent social and interpersonal behaviour and build a strong character. 

Now the big question is HOW ?
How do we make this happen ?
How do we ensure that ABC is improving?

Learning is more visual than auditory.
It has to be consolidated with the help of kinesthetic activities.
This is called VAK learning style.
Hence teaching in classroom should be a healthy mixture of VAK modules.

Another thing we need to focus on, is called SMART approach.
S - specific
M - measurable
A - accurate
R - realistic
T - time-bound

Whatever we think, whatever we speak, whatever we plan, whatever we do, it should be SMART.

At NGIS we believe in working as a strong team, supporting each other and achieving success together.
Team work=Success.

We follow open door policy in the Principal's office. All of you are more than welcome to come and talk to me any time. Discuss your challenges and we will find solutions together.

Let us learn and grow together.

Thank you !


Our aim is to create a program that is engaging and responsive for every student. We strive to make learning fun by helping students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals, in a caring and supportive environment. New Gulf Indian School is deeply enriched by and involved with the child's growth.

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